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We communicate transparent information based on their necessities.

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Our communication channels are the pillar for an effective exchange of ideas between us and our shareholders, employees, consumers, clients, suppliers, and associations. For this reason, we developed different personalized strategies for each group. We also have an Anti-corruption Policy and a Conflict of Interest Policy in place, which allows us to listen to their concerns, be aware of their requests, and protect us against situations that could put our business at risk.

Messages from Our Allies

“I commit to ensure that at Sigma, we generate long-term sustainable food solutions through high-quality products and processes… and promote an open and dynamic environment, where everyone can raise their voice.”

Gregorio de Haene

Chief Research, Innovation, and Sustainability Officer (CRISO)

Our Material Topics

The materiality analysis enable us to identify the most relevant matters for our company based on our own business priorities and on those of our stakeholders.

In 2020, we updated this analysis to effectively manage our strategy. We present the more relevant material topics that help us to stay focused while assessing and creating high-impact projects across the company.

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With a goal of ensuring that the food products we produce and distribute to consumers are safe, we work to eliminate all risks and implement preventive controls. We listen to consumers and collaborate with them to understand their preferences and needs. We aim to offer a diverse portfolio adapted to different stages of life, which requires that we maintain a constant state of innovation.


Sustainability Reports

We share with our stakeholders our Sustainability Report. These documents include our main achievements, challenges and progress on social, environmental, and economic issues. All of our reports followed the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) methodology, the most used reporting framework in the world.

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Sustainability Report 2021

Relevant Policies
  • Global Code of Conduct
  • Environmental, Social and Governance Policy
  • Nutrition Policy
  • Quality and Food Safety Policy
  • Product Development Policy
  • Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination Policy
  • Anticorruption Policy
  • Conflicts of Interest Policy
  • Responsible Sourcing Code
  • Water Policy
  • Cybersecurity Policy
  • Taxes Policy
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Policy
  • Responsible Engagement in Public Policy Making
  • Responsible Marketing Policy