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Build a greener future with alongside our recycled and biodegradable packaging.

Bio-Friendly Packaging 

Aware of the responsibility of caring for the environment, we go beyond our operations. Year after year, we carry out different research and invest in new technologies to create functional packaging with less impact on the planet. At Sigma we have a comprehensive strategy to reduce the impact of our packaging. Guided by the parameters of the circular economy (reuse, recycle, reuse and replace), we seek to produce more environmentally friendly packaging and, at the same time, make our consumers aware of the importance of responsible disposal. Some of them include incorporating recycled plastic, using alternative materials to plastic, eliminating components or layers in our current packaging, and developing more resistant molds that allow us to reduce the amount of plastic in our packaging.

As our first goal, we set ourselves to reduce the virgin plastic in our packaging, and since 2019, we managed to avoid more than 7,800 tons, through the incorporation of recycled material. We will continue this path by implementing our comprehensive strategy and using new technologies to face new challenges.

Packaging solutions

Our packaging’s life cycle is a relevant factor in minimizing environmental impact. Through our Sustainable Packaging Program, we incorporate circular economy considerations from the design stage, selecting recycled and biodegradable materials, or those that can be recovered.