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We are committed to our internal and external stakeholders; their wellbeing is our main priority.

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Our Long-Term Plan

In 2018, we held our first Sustainability Forum where we launched our 2025 Sustainability Goals. These goals resulted from aligning our strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which constitute a blueprint from which we will work to reach our goals and reaffirm our commitment with each of our stakeholders.

Our 2025 Goals

Climate Action
Food Donations
Sustainable Innovation
Health & Safety
Nutritional Information
Clean Energy
Responsible Sourcing
Water Management
Professional Development
Sustainable Packaging
Food Waste
Food Safety
Stakeholder Engagement

Our Progress

At Sigma, we believe that Sustainability will help us to go further. Collaboration between the different regions where we have a presence helps us to strengthen our way of working and allows us to find and replicate success stories that lead us to become a more sustainable company. This is the progress we have achieved at the end of last year.


sites operating with cleaner energy, avoiding more than 100,000 tons of CO2 in a year.


reduction in the accident rate of 2020 with respect to the 2018 baseline.


products launched in the Health and Nutrition, and Trust & Sustainability platforms during 2020.


million invested in wellbeing.


plants with GFSI certification (The Global Food Safety Initiative).


training hours on average per employee.


nationalities among our 43,000+ employees.


million food servings donated in collaboration with associations and food banks during 2020.


operating facilities in Europe in the “Zero Waste” program.


health and hygiene protocols focused on COVID-19 challenges.

US$ 2.8

million invested in employee training initiatives.


scientists researching, developing and innovating.


million invested in Research and Development.


year receiving the “Clean Transport” Award in Mexico.


contacts with consumers and clients during 2020, to address their concerns and answer their questions.